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When selecting software, most shoppers prioritize customer reviews to find the right service. Reviews provide valuable insights into how the software helps to accomplish specific goals. Reviews highlight standout and distinctive features and note areas for desired improvements.  The best reviews are written about current experiences and engagements. Although positive feedback is nice to hear, all feedback, regardless of its nature, can offer valuable insights to the software provider ( and to other customers.

We would love you to share your experience if you have used our online election software here. To prove it, you will receive a $10 gift card for your posted review. See rules below*

If you haven’t tried our online election service, please check out what others have to say about us here: Testimonials – AssociationVoting

Thank you, Kim Harwood
Chief Voting Officer

*Be yourself. Don’t post as, or pretend to be, someone else, and do not say you’re associated with a person or organization with which you are not. Use your real name, email address, and company name with us so we can verify your identity.
Be honest. Share your real experience with the vendor or provider.
Don’t review your own product or service, or a competitor’s.
Don’t write abusive, hateful, threatening, or harassing content. Avoid personal threats, hate speech, obscenities, or inflammatory language.
Don’t include personal information about yourself or others in your review. Don’t post public information that can be used to identify and compromise the privacy of yourself or anyone else.
Keep your focus on the software or service.

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