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Whether you are using a virtual conferencing tool (like Zoom) or a social outlet (like Facebook Live) to run your virtual general assembly, how do you plan to accurately & securely collect your election results?

Why not take your election online? Online elections can help you securely and accurately collect votes during the meeting, as well as collect votes remotely well before the meeting to increase voter turnout and meet your quorum. Real-time systematic results makes tallying ballots obsolete. Online elections allow you to authenticate your voters wherever they are.

AV supports voting rounds with our GM Election Module. Each round’s participation and results can be viewed real-time and saved for your records. Please see our AGM Live Election demo video for more on how to setup a live election with AV software as well as your voter’s experience. For more details on setting up your first Virtual AGM Election, goto our blog post.

Types of ballots supported:

Bylaw amendment / proposition

Approvals and Motions

Frequent Questions

To determine whether you want to purchase GM Voting or our standard online election software, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does my election occur during a meeting?
  2. Will we vote on multiple items during the meeting?
  3. Will we require rounds of voting (ie: we cast votes on one ballot item and confirm results, prior to voting on another ballot item.  OR we start with a list of candidates and each round of voting whittle the candidate list down.)?

If you answer to the above is YES or MAYBE, then purchase the General Meeting Voting service.

Otherwise, you can use our standard online election service.  If you have an election during a meeting, and plan to conduct business and add items to the ballot prior to one (1) round of voting, then the standard online election service will serve your needs.  So if your voters vote a total of one (1) time on a single ballot, which can contain multiple items, then the standard election is a good fit.

If you still have questions regarding whether, GM Voting is a good fit for your next meeting election, please feel free to reach out to us at

Yes, you can save the results for each round of voting.  At the end of the meeting you can request a Meeting Election Results Report that includes all rounds of voting during your meeting.

Yes, your GM Election is secure! authenticates each voter upon login to the election site.  Using industry-standard 256-Bit SSL encryption for all election access, ensures security for both you and your voters.  As well, a number of external security scanning and auditing services are engaged to verify services and software.

Yes, your voters are authenticated.  Your voters may not have to login for each round of voting (election) at your meeting.  The Voting Administrator has flexibility to enforce repeat login or not.  The use of ballot codes are an alternative to allow all voters to remain logged in between voting rounds.  There are layers of security that you can choose depending on your GM voting scenario.

Yes, you can test multiple rounds of voting prior to your meeting and we suggest you do test prior to the meeting to ensure the you are familiar with the easy process to change rounds, update the ballot, and save results.

  • Board election/Executive (slate approval, select 1, select multiple)
  • Bod By candidate affirmation
  • Contract ratifications
  • Bylaw amendment / proposition
  • Referendums
  • Approvals and Motions
  • Awards
  • Polls
  • Nominations
  • Proxy Collection / Vote by proxy
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