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manager hands off

manager hands off

Some of our customers may need to have the voting manager account(s) disabled or limited during the election window. This can include disabling certain features (e.g., the results screen), or disabling the account entirely. If this applies to you, please request of your account manager or on your buy now order that your site be configured for Manager Hands-Off.

Before your election, as voting manager, you can schedule:

  1. The election window open and close dates
  2. An announcement email send time for all voters.
  3. Reminder email send time(s) for those who have not yet voted at the time of sending.
  4. An end-of-election results email.

(The number of announcements and reminders may require additional add-on purchases.)

Your voters will be able to retrieve their voting credentials through the automated credential retrieval help system, and help emails will still be sent to the identified help address.

Let us know what access restriction is required during the election, and we will schedule to have that removed at the start of the election, and then restored upon conclusion.

Account access may not be available immediately after the conclusion of the election; it typically will be restored by the next business day. If you require that our support staff respond to voter help emails during the ‘hands-off’ period, a per-day support fee will apply. Contact us for details.

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