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Personalization & Customization

personalization & customization

personalization & customization

As the voting manager, you can personalize your election in a number of ways using our standard tools. Additional customization of the voting experience is available – ask for a quote today.

Free Election Personalization

Upload your association logo

Link to your association website

Branding color scheme

Ballot opening/closing time

Ballot intro language

Ballot time zone

Ballot instructions

Post-voting message and confirmation

Inclusion of voting receipt

Candidate biographies with photos in biography

Member login credentials (Member number, email, username, password)

Examples of Additional Customization

Alternate vote counting rules

Alternate vote casting methods

Pre-ballot demographics/member update info form

Verification of member information or dues status

Inclusion of other links/media outside the biography

Single sign-on integration

If you need functionality beyond that offered by our standard service & personalizations – please contact us about customization of your online election experience – we can provide you a quote for customization and turn around customization requests promptly.

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