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Getting Started: Increase member awareness and simplify your election

Your organization’s election is important. Making sure that all members are aware of the election and that they all have a time to vote that is convenient to them are both critical to a successful election. If voting members must attend a meeting in order to vote, or if they have to get a ballot in the mail, complete and then mail it before a deadline in order to vote – you may find that fewer votes are cast than you had hoped.

AssociationVoting has two elements for increasing voter turnout:

  1. Drive member awareness of the election and
  2. Simplify the voting process.

The following are suggestions your election committee can do and special features for these two processes that are provided by AssociationVoting.



If your organization’s members are aware of the election, they receive timely reminders and the election is convenient for them to complete, your election should have an increased voter turnout and a membership that has ownership of the process.

Post submitted by Johanna

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