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Inline Candidate Photos

Our online election voting software allows for candidate biographies to be put next to their name in the ballot. You can add any number of images into the biography. This works well.

But what if you want to have a face and a name for people to see at a glance without having to open the biography? In Version 4 of the software an inline candidate photo was introduced. This feature will put a single image right next to their name on the ballot.

There are some tips to making the most of this.

Photos of candidates’ faces are what you want. A good promotional headshot photo is the best. When you have a candidate image, it is good to crop it so that the image is taken up as much as possible by the candidates’ face.

When you have the cropping done, you need to scale the image. Scaling all of the images to the same width is the preferred way to go. This will cause the images to all line up vertically on the ballot. A good width is 150 pixels. The images start to get too small if you scale it much below 120 pixels. Leave the option on to scale the height proportionately and the height will take care of itself.

Post submitted by Greg

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