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Save Time With Personalized Ballots in Hybrid Elections

The online election voting software allows you to generate a PDF version of your ballot for your hybrid election needs that is personalized for your members.

As with the general PDF option, the hybrid election PDF uses the same ballot set up as the online ballot – a great time saver. All of the configuration options are the same as well.

When you want to run a hybrid election – online and with paper ballots – personalized PDF ballots can be that extra touch that makes your election. This solution is especially suited for you if you have a number of voter groups that need to see different things on their ballot.

That option saves resources. If you print them, you would save on printing costs. If you send them via email, you would save on bandwidth and email quotas. When you get the ballots back, you save time counting them. It should also help reduce errors all around.

As with the general PDF hybrid voting solutions, the personalized PDF ballots can be customized further by inserting your instructions at the beginning of the PDF. Similarly, there is an area at the end of the PDF that can be customized with your text.

And you also get access to the vote recording section of the manager’s area in the software for recording your votes and having them included in the running tally of your election.

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