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Security features

When it comes to your online election, security is very important to you and to us. The online election voting software uses a number of industry standard techniques and technologies to ensure the security of your election.

All of the web traffic goes over industry-standard 128-bit SSL encryption. This means that your logins and passwords are encrypted and thus hidden from anyone who might be looking at the traffic over the Internet.

When it comes to member logins, we recommend using information that only the member would know about themselves. That way, it is harder for someone else to guess their login.

Another thing thing is that when a voter casts their ballot, they cannot vote again. The software checks and if they already have a cast ballot, they get a message thanking them for voting.

Additionally, the software itself is written to check to make sure a ballot has not been cast of a particular voter before it allows that voter’s ballot to be cast, in case someone tries to circumvent it.

Please rest assured that takes security very seriously.

Happy voting!

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