How it Works

Four Easy Steps

Receive the Voting Notice

A personalized email announcement is sent to every eligible voter.

Login to Your Election Site

Your eligibility to vote will be securely authenticated & your welcome message will appear on the next screen.

View Ballot & Vote

Review instructions, ballot options, and make your selections.

Cast Your Ballot!

One last check of selections on the confirmation screen and cast! A voting confirmation receipt is on it’s way!

Types of Ballots / Votes Supported

  • Board Election / Executive (slate approval, select 1, select multiple)
  • BoD by Candidate Affirmation
  • Contract Ratifications
  • Bylaw Amendment / Proposition
  • Referendums
  • Approvals and Motions
  • Awards
  • Polls
  • Nominations
  • Proxy Collection / Vote by Proxy

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