Pricing Options

This pricing schedule is based on an organization size of 1 – 5,000 members. More than 5,000? 15,000? 50,000? Start here.

1 – 25 Eligible Voters

check_circleOur standard license for an election includes a number of features for which others will charge extra.


/ per election

26 – 125 Eligible Voters

check_circleOur standard license for an election includes a number of features for which others will charge extra.


/ per election

126 – 500 Eligible Voters

check_circleOur standard license for an election includes a number of features for which others will charge extra.


/ per election

501 – 5,000 Eligible Voters

check_circleOur standard license for an election includes a number of features for which others will charge extra.


/ per election

Annual Election Subscription

check_circleUnlimited non-concurrent elections for a single association during the twelve month subscription period. Discounted pricing is available to organizations with fewer than 5000 members.

$299- $699

/ annually

Add-on Features

We have a number of additional add-ons available for purchase with the standard election.

* All additional features and services require purchase in combination with the AssociationVoting standard voting service. Standard ballot length is up to 25 distinct candidates and up to eight line items (positions or propositions) total. Additional charges may apply for more complex ballots; please contact us if you would like an exact quote.

Certification Services

check_circleAssociationVoting will provide a signed letter of certification and voting record preserving the ballot language and vote totals from your election, including a list of voting members. We also provide an electronic signed PDF copy. We will save the vote totals, ballot configuration, and audit history for one year.


*For standard ballot length

Email Announcement

check_circleAnnounce your upcoming online election with an email campaign! AssociationVoting will send an email announcement to each member on your member email list, including the election link and login instructions for each member to access their personalized ballot.


*single announcement (maximum 5,000 addresses)

Turnout Booster Campaign

check_circleUse our Turnout-Booster Announcement to send reminder emails prior to the close of your election to all members who have not yet voted. We have seen up to 100% increase in voter turnout when compared to previous elections that did not use the Turnout-Booster Announcement. Additional reminder email blasts are $50 (includes 3 email campaigns).


*Includes 3 email campaigns. (Max. 5,000 addresses per campaign.)

Voter Verification Announcement

check_circleUse our Voter Verification Announcement service to provide enhanced authentication. Members receive a unique, coded URL that requires them to access their email of record to cast their ballot. Using advanced secure encryption signatures, we provide a second layer to confirm that your voters are who they say they are by validating through their email of record with your association. Choose Turbo-Booster to send a “remember to vote” email to voters who have yet to cast a ballot midway through your election.


*single announcement (maximum 5,000 addresses)

Voter Verification Email Turnout Booster Campaign


Additional reminder email blasts are $50 per email campaign (Includes 3 email campaigns. Max. 5,000 addresses per campaign)

Postcard Election Announcement

check_circleSend a personalized postcard to your members announcing the election. Useful for sending to all members or just those who do not have a valid email address. $1.65 per US domestic mail, $2.65 per non-US-domestic mail postcard sent. Minimum quantities/per-run setup fee applies.

$1.65- $2.65

/ each

Uncast Ballot Catcher

check_circleSend an automated announcement to voters who have started but not cast their ballots 48 hours before the end of your election. Announcement includes a one-click coded link to cast their ballot as is, or click to vote.

Election Set-up Service

check_circleAlthough we’ve designed AssociationVoting’s ballot management interface to be very easy to use – sometimes there’s not even time for easy. So, let us do it! Send us your slate, ballot instructions, member list, and voting window, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll configure the ballot per your instructions and execute even complex voting rules flawlessly. Once it is configured, you will have the opportunity to review and sign off – ensuring your members an excellent online election experience!


*For standard ballot length

Hybrid Election Service

check_circleWe know that making the transition from paper ballots to online voting can sometimes be a bit difficult. We are here to help! AssociationVoting offers a hybrid election service to ease the transition to simple, online elections, while providing accurate results that include paper ballot voters. Mail or fax us your paper ballots, and we’ll include your paper ballot counts in the election results summary report! Use our Member Personalized Printable Ballot Generator to generate a printable PDF for each member, suitable for mailing, including mailing addresses. For a hybrid election quote, please contact us.

$100- $200*

* +per ballot fee

Proxy Voting Service

check_circleNot every association can hold an online election – whether you have not updated your bylaws or you are incorporated in New York, Delaware, or other states that require holding an in-person meeting: Use our software to solicit your online proxy statements. Our Proxy Voting Service converts our online election as follows: all ballots are termed as proxies; the “proxy question” appears at the end of the proxy ballot; a proxy signature is collected and visible in the voting manager area; proxy records and responses are stored on a per-member basis in our election summary report. Once you have collected the proxies, save the assignments in our voting system and manage your election online during your General Assembly Meeting (virtual or in-person). The system allocates proxy assignments during the election and ballots are cast accordingly. Requires purchase of standard election

$100- $200

General Meeting Election Module

check_circleGeneral Meeting Election module supports your General Assembly elections with election rounds. You can save and store each rounds results and quickly share an updated ballot for the next round of voting.

$100- $200

Nomination Collection

check_circleUtilize the same system to collect your nominations and seamlessly convert your nomination collection site into an online election site. Nominations will be validated as eligible members during the nomination process and biographical information can be collected on the same form. Requires purchase of standard election

$100- $200

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