Thanks to your assistance, the KAAR election that wrapped up yesterday had to be one of the smoothest on record. Everything went very well. We look forward to using you on our next election.

Lyle Irish, JD, RCEKnoxville Area Association of Realtors

Thank you for helping us with our recent board of director elections. It went smoothly and we like the feature where the user gets the automated response about their user name and password if the user email matches the voter records. Saved us a lot of time.

Floyd S. Murashige, e-PROHonolulu Board of REALTORS®

We recently changed our bylaws and incorporated elections into our nominations process. For a small staff, this was a daunting change, but AssociationVoting made it very easy. The technology was easy to use. The flexibility of the system let us customize our ballot as needed, and also send print postcards to members who didn’t have email. Best of all, their customer service is very responsive and great to work with. They came to us highly recommended by another group who has used them, and now we understand why.

Nicole Testa Brown Society of Fire Protection Engineers

Our proposition election was a major project for me. This was first time using electronic voting and I was apprehensive about the process and procedures needed to conduct this type of election. The AssociationVoting staff did a great job of taking just about all my stress away. I appreciate all your efforts and the patience you showed to me during the entire process. You made this election a whole lot easier than I thought it would be!

Paul MayerCredit Union Center

The election was wonderful, we had record turnout! Thanks for working with us so quickly and this great experience.

Crystal WaltonODTUG

Your service and the people who make it happen have been a privilege to work with to install and run our election process. The timely reminder announcements have been a key to make sure that everyone remembers the importance of casting their vote. We look forward to the next election with Association Voting’s support!

Susan CorriganAmerican Art Therapy Association

Our members found the system easy to navigate and use. This will definitely encourage them to vote in the future. As a client, I found the system to be user friendly as well. The membership and ballot was easy to set up, especially with our different regional groups. I appreciated your help in getting the special logins and passwords set up for our members and I liked that we could use our logo at the top of the page to make the transition from our website to AV a smoother transition.

Linh HoangNational Association of Workforce Development Professionals

Our first election with Association Voting was a very position experience. The setup was a breeze and our Voters had no complaints. We did find one small gliche with just a handful of voters but it was reported immediately and one of your Technicians called me personally and solved the problem. This has made my job a whole lot easier ! Thanks Association Voting for a User-Friendly system !!

Sherri HausmannSW Michigan Association of REALTORS

The Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning is extremely pleased with the online voting service provided by Orbro. Our election ran flawlessly, and exceeded all expectations. We will use Orbro for our election for many years to come.

Ric WiltseMichigan Association for Computer Users in Learning streamlined our most recent election year. The system configuration is extremely user-friendly and makes tabulation incredibly simple! Our members liked the system because of the simple interface and the ability to upload extra content (i.e. candidate photos and statements) thus allowing for a more transparent online election. This process saved countless hours of tedious evaluation, allowing us to better utilize our volunteer-resources. Thank you!

Shane YatesOhio Physical Therapy Association

This was our first year to use your product, and I just wanted to say how easy it was to use, for me and our membership. It ran flawlessly and made me look like a star. We will definitely be using you in the years to come.

Iva BrimmerPennsylvania Psychological Association

Choosing Association Voting was a great decision — it was a very simple process for staff to set up and manage, and our members were thrilled with how easy it was to vote. We will continue to use your service for many years to come.

Lori EderGreater Gateway Association of REALTORS®

We have received very positive feedback from our members on the voting platform. I personally found the backend setup to be very easy, non-technical and simple to administer.

Max ValdezSanta Clara County Association of REALTORS®

Once set up, I was able to log in any time and see how the votes were progressing and who voted. There, the time saving was awesome! Where previously we had spent hours hand-counting ballots, in this election I was done in 5 minutes. They also had free reports that were e-mailed that had lots of options for what to review to officially certify the count – including that you could request a copy of each vote counted.

Johanna ByrdNASW-Florida Chapter

We had a very good experience with our first attempt at online voting… We had almost 70% participation online, and the ability to send out follow-up emails to this group helped us to make our quorum (we seem to be closer to not making it every year!). You were especially helpful and patient with me. I learned a lot about our owners and online voting that will help in our process next time. We will definitely be using your service for our next election!

Bob HamblinSeabrook Island Property Owners Association

In the past we always had trouble setting up our association elections, either using homebrewed solutions or services that didn’t understand the needs of Realtor® organizations. made the process streamlined and simple so that all we had to do was wait for the results to come in. I highly recommend for your association election needs.

Matthew SimmonsPinellas Realtor® Organization

Our experience with Association Voting was simply perfect. The few initial challenges were answered promptly and completely. The management folks were able to make it simple and easy to take care of the task at a very reasonable cost.

Donald O. Graul Jr.American Independent Writers