Announce your upcoming online election with an email campaign! AssociationVoting will send an email announcement to each member on your member email list, including a personalized link and login instructions for each member to access their personalized ballot. If any members did not receive the email, they will be included in the Bounce report, which can be requested for your purposes (i.e. to fix incorrect email addresses).


Use our Turnout-Booster Announcement to send a reminder email to members who have not yet voted. We have seen up to 100% increase in voter turnout when compared to previous elections that did not use the Turnout-Booster Announcement.

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Use our Voter Verification Announcement service to provide email announcements to your members with secure authentication access to your election. Members receive a unique, coded URL that requires them to access their email of record to cast their ballot. Using advanced secure encryption signatures, we provide a second layer to confirm your voters’ identification by validating through their email of record with your association. As with our email announcement service, any email address that fails will be provided to your association.

In our election system, you can add individual voting members easily prior to and during the election process, and our system will generate the voter verification code needed for voter access.


Isn’t it infuriating? Voters click through, look around, but forget to cast their ballots.

Our new “Uncast Ballot Catcher” automated announcement is available as an add-on for your election to prompt these voters to click one link from their email to cast their ballot, or return and review their selections on the voting site. 48 hours before the end of your election, an automated reminder goes out to anyone who has an uncast ballot.