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Video Demos

In the following videos, we highlight the major features and functionality in our online election package. You can request a free trial, purchase online voting for your association, or contact us if you have questions or need additional information. We are always willing to provide you a quote for customization of our voting package to fit your specific needs.

Proxy Election Service

In this video we will explore the elements of a Proxy Election from both the Administrator’s experience with setting up the Proxy, and the User’s experience with assigning a proxy. We also review the various forms and features of a Proxy supported with our Proxy Election Service Add-On.

Note: proxy election service requires the purchase of a single election license + proxy election service.

Group, District, Chapter, Region Voting with Personalization

In this video, we highlight the group-specific ballot personalization functionality. Have each member vote for exactly those candidates in their region while running one general election.

Highlights include:

  • Enabling group functionality
  • defining groups
  • assigning members to groups
  • limiting specific ballot items to specific member groups
  • ballot personalization and voter experience

Voter Experience

In this video, we examine the voter experience. We cast two ballots, for two different voters, in two different regions.

Highlights include:

  • Ballot open and close time
  • reconfigurable member identification (member number, email, username/password)
  • group and district voting
  • personalized ballots
  • candidate write-ins
  • ballot preview
  • candidate selection limit enforcement
  • voting receipt and confirmation of cast ballot
  • repeated voting prevention and one member/one vote enforcement