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Association election - a great opportunity to update member records!

posted February 14, 2012 by Jonathan

The California /Nevada /Arizona Automotive Wholesalers’ Association partners with Association Voting to run their online elections. Why? Association Voting offers affordable online elections and numerous customizations or add-on services to it’s election platform that makes member base management tasks easy for the association management team. For a price less than most online elections alone, Association Voting offers a seamless election service and collects member record updates for the association. Currently AV requests CAWA voter’s confirm or update their email address of record to ensure CAWA can continue timely communications with its members. Learn more about other customization opportunities!

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Association Voting to Reduce Liability

posted April 24, 2010 by Jonathan

I think we all can agree that paper balloting is not exactly the most secure or guaranteed method of voting.  Based on previous presidential elections, major mistakes can be made and the entire election process can be jeopardized.  At we can handle an election of almost any magnitude , and we’ll also guarantee the results.  No paper pushing, no long man hours—just simple, digital results delivered immediately.

Online methods of handling and creating business solutions has proven to be very successful over the past 10-15 years.   Why not take one of the long and tedious tasks of setting up an association election, and turn it into a simple and easy part of your general business practice?

Visit and see how we can make your life easier!  Get started today for as little as $419!

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Why use a third party for your Association Voting Needs?

posted December 14, 2009 by Jonathan

Association Voting customers answered this question with some great insight as to why working through a third-party for association elections is a WIN for the association!  We’ve listed a few of the reasons our customers have chosen Association Voting—an impartial, professional, online voting service provider.  Many of these reasons will resonate true for just about any association that holds elections.

  1. Boosts Participation.  When members know a third-party is involved in the election process, they have confidence that the election results will be accurate and UNBIASED.   Association staffers or friends of the current Association leadership  aren’t tabulating the election results!
  3. Illustrates the desire of the Association Leadership to garner the opinion of all of their members.
  5. Shows the election history. Not only does an impartial, third party count the votes, but an audit trail can provide unimpeachable voting history.
  7. Improves member engagement by providing a quick, easy way for them to make their voice heard in their association

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