HOA / POA is ready to support your next HOA Board election! HOAs have been thrilled with how easily our elections can be setup and how increased voter turnout makes it faster and easier to meet quorum requirements. Are your homeowners unsure of switching to electronic voting? Our hybrid option is popular amongst HOAs and POAs to smooth the transition to online and to ensure that everyone’s vote is counted.

We had a very good experience with our first attempt at online voting… We had almost 70% participation online, and the ability to send out follow-up emails to this group helped us to make our quorum (we seem to be closer to not making it every year!). You were especially helpful and patient with me. I learned a lot about our owners and online voting that will help in our process next time. We will definitely be using your service for our next election!

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Bob Hamblin
Director, Administrative Services
Seabrook Island Property Owners Association

“Used more than 5 years, 2,650 voters, never a hitch, multiple format”, Ease of use, security, percent of work handled by AV instead of us, ability to handle multiple voting types (online, paper, other), and probably their single greatest feature is the strength of the technical support team/call desk. We have 2,660 voters, any issues are handled by the call desk. Our attorneys that validate results find the documentation of voting to be substantial.

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John Watkins
Facilities Manager
SW-Community HOA Services & Consulting (Dunes West POA)

“I have had nothing but praise for their response. If one staff doesn’t have the answer I am directed to another and this year with the Zoom they were there to help us on this new annual meeting solution.”

Ida Tipton
Customer Service
ORMPOA - Ocean Ridge MPOA

“Great customer service. Helpful with the set up and deployment of our election. They were quick when we needed customization or had questions. Set up was very intuitive. It is a clean, simple program. Perfect for our needs.”

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Jane Holland
Web Specialist
The Galena Territory Association, Inc.