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Privacy Policy, has established the following policy to govern the storage and handling of user information for users of the service. Our policy is set forth as answers to a series of questions; if you have further questions, please contact us.

What information does the Company collect? Why?

The Company collects the Association's name, name and email address for voting contact, ballot and voting information, and member information.

This is the minimal information needed to provide voting service to an Association and its members.

Why do you need the member database?

Members must authenticate to vote; uses the member identification number and either full name or email address to authenticate the Association's members and ensure that no member votes more than one time. also enables Associations to announce the voting service to their memberships; members' email addresses are used to send these announcements.

What do you do with the member database?

An Association's member database is only used for completing the voting and announcement functions of; it is not otherwise distributed or used.

What do you do with the Association contact information?

The Association's voting contact is the conduit for all information about the service; thus, the Association contact can expect to receive notifications from the Company about any change in service, change in Company policies, renewal and expiration notices, or other communications necessary for the delivery of services to the Association.

How do you protect user credit card information?

All transactions involving credit card information on the website are encrypted with industry-standard SSL. An account pin will be required in addition to the manager username and password to access an Association's payment records; this pin is created at the time of registration.

Upon entry and acceptance of a credit card for payment, the credit card number and other payment information are submitted to an online transaction processor. Once payment is accepted, the Company has no further access to the full credit card number - only the final 5 digits plus expiration date.

Do you share my information with other companies?

No customer information will be shared with other entities except as is essential to process online credit card transactions for payment, as compelled by a court of law, or with your express permission.

Will you share my information with other divisions of your company?

The Company provides a variety of services for member associations and organizations; we may wish from time to time to make users aware of these. A user will have the opportunity to subscribe to these announcements and to unsubscribe from these. Upon termination of all services, a user will no longer be included in or subscribed to any distribution list.

Who can I talk to if I have a question about my privacy?

Please contact usThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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The Company may, from time to time, make updates to this policy. Each active user will be notified by the change in policy at his registered email address. Users will have the opportunity, upon request, to have a detailed description of the changes to this policy and how that affects their use of this service.

Updated May 23, 2007.