When you have special requirements for your vote, you might wonder it the AssociationVoting.com Online Election Voting Software can do that. The short answer in most circumstances is yes.

If it does not support it out of the box, you can have it customized to fit your needs. This has been done a number of times to fit a bunch of different requirements.

Here’s a short list of the things that can be done to customize your online voting experience to your unique requirements:

  • Alternate vote counting rules
  • Alternate vote casting methods
  • Pre-ballot demographics/member update info form
  • Post-voting message/confirmation
  • Announcement service schedule of announcements/follow up messages
  • Announcement service message content
  • Inclusion of other links/media outside the biography
  • Single sign on integration

And don’t forget the proxy voting option. When you have the need for a proxy vote, AssociationVoting.com has what you need for that.

The software you use is a specific installation of our voting software, and you don’t share that code or the database with other customers.

Therefore, when you use AssociationVoting.com for your election needs, you can have your election and one size does not have to fit all.

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