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Ready to start your 2023 Election?

We are excited for the opportunity to support your election! We have several new features to make your voter’s election experience even better and your election creation even easier! We…

Top New Features from 2021

Happy 2022! Let’s review the 2021 Brand Spanking NEW Features available for your upcoming elections. Check out our list of 10! 1) Start…Stop Your Election Round! Many General Assembly elections require voting…

Turn Up your Election Turnout with Email Campaigns

Build smart campaigns to turn up your election turnout in the Voting Manager admin portal. You have complete control over your campaigns and can monitor click-throughs and open rates…

Prevent Voter Fraud

Safeguard your Election against attempted Fraudulent Voting! AV follows and utilizes industry-standard security measures. However, your set-up decisions can expose vulnerability to election fraud, particularity when it come to voter…

Make 2018 the Year of Explosive Voter Turnout

Many organizations grapple with voter apathy. It can be problematic when a quorum is required, and in some instances, it can be downright detrimental to the operation of the association.…

Updated Help Section

We have updated the help section with a number of new pages answering frequently asked questions. You can still search by keyword by typing into the ‘Search all columns’ field…

Updated Uploader Interface

​We have updated the interface for the uploader to improve tracking of your progress through the upload process. Here’s an example of our new status indicator:

Meet Our New Support Staff Member: Katera

We are happy to welcome our newest team member, Katera Price! Katera has an extensive background in customer service, previously a Customer Servicec Representative for Consumers Energy while also working…

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