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A feature we’re particularly proud of is how our software handles group voting.

It always seemed strange when we heard the idea that, to have an election with four statewide officers and four regional directors, you needed to have four (or five!) ballots. Then, of course, you got a per-ballot fee. Set up didn’t make sense either—you would do the same thing for each of your four (or five!) ballots. Everything was very repetitive.

We worked on doing this group voting differently. There’s just one ballot. When you add positions or propositions to your ballot, by default, those are general. But, you can also click to restrict to a particular group—or groups—and only members in those groups can vote on that ballot item.

The best way to see it is to see it—so request a demo today. We believe you’ll find our group voting solution to be easy, intuitive, and just the thing you need to fit your voting rules and your budget.

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