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By now, we hope that you have read enough information to really want to use AssociationVoting for your organization’s on-line voting needs. There are two ways for you to start: You can request a free trial, or you can purchase online voting for your association. When you choose either of these two options, you can experience the actual voting environment.

By requesting the demo – free trial you can experience the actual voting environment of a simulated election. AV has already entered a ballot with candidates and a set of members that you can manipulate by adding members, moving them to different voting groups, weighting their voting values, and other options. You can play with the tabs and options in a safe environment where you will not have to worry about breaking something or affecting your organization’s official election results. It is like a real-time test drive. You will receive a PDF of the AssociationVoting “Voting Overview” that you can use as a guide as you tab through the options.

By purchasing the online voting live election you can jump right in to create your actual ballot, the slate of positions and candidates, propositions, etc. You can run the actual election from your own on-line voting election software. You can use the information from the Blogs, view the online videos that demonstrate various aspects of the voting experience and also use the PDF of the AssociationVoting “Voting Overview” as guides as you tab through the options and create your organization’s election.

Please get started today. The easiest first step it to request the free trial.

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