Managing Members for Your Online Election

An online election is no use without people to vote online. The online election voting software gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to adding your association members and how they log in.

Currently, the online election voting software supports first name, last name, email address, password, and an member identifier field for your voting members. The only two mandatory fields are first and last name, as that just makes sense. You can mix and match the other three. One field has to be unique to each voter so that can be used to identify them.

The most often used field for identification is the member identifier, as most organizations give their members a unique ID number for their own internal use. If you don’t have an ID to use, we can help you create one.

When it comes time to log in to vote, there are a number of possibilities. The most common login combination is member number and last name. Right out of the box, you can also use last name and email, last name and password, email address and password, member number and password or member number and email address.

The input of users is done with a form in the administrative area of the software. The easiest way to go is to export your member information from a spreadsheet into csv format. The software will tell you which fields you should export and the order.

Once you have the csv file, uploading is a snap. You just have to select whether you want to supplement the existing members or replace the existing members, select the file and click the submit button.

If you have groups defined, you can do a replace or supplement on a per-group basis rather than the entire list.

There are also forms for adding a single member, deleting members, editing members, and searching for members.

There is everything you would need for managing members in an easy to use and straight-forward layout.

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