2023 Election Statistics Recap

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We are looking forward to being part of you 2024 election triumph! Get ready for a joyous journey as we dive into some fantastic year-end stats that reflect our customers voters’ experience and the election process!

2023 election insights

Voting Record of the Year 

Embark on a fascinating journey through the 2023 Voting Records! Brace yourself for the record-breaker – a marathon election that stretched a whopping 143 days, as the average election duration unfolded over 13 days. A testament to the staff’s unwavering dedication to ensuring every voter’s voice was heard. This also illuminates the distinctive journey of each election!

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The Perfect Election Club
In the vibrant electoral landscape of 2023, our esteemed customers enthusiastically embraced their voting rights! The spirit of democracy thrived as a remarkable achievement unfolded – a remarkable 3% of our valued customers earned a coveted spot in the “perfect election” club–they had every eligible voter vote!

2023 election insights

Encouraging Voters by Email

Amidst the lively and bustling atmosphere of the autumn election season, our clients made a concerted effort to connect with voters. They utilized the AV election platform to orchestrate dynamic outreach campaigns.  They sent a substantial 345,000 emails into the digital realm in September. Encouraging individuals to play an active role by casting their votes in the upcoming polls!

2023 election insights
Supporting Hybrid Elections

In the year 2023, over 2.1 million individuals opted for the convenience of online balloting, harnessing the power of digital platforms to exercise their democratic right to cast their votes. Amid this electrifying digital wave, a few still opted for the traditional route, expressing their choices by pen and paper on ballots mailed by the USPS. Demonstrating a commitment to inclusivity, Association Voting wholeheartedly endorses hybrid elections, creating an environment that embraces and accommodates both online and paper votes.

Get ready for an electrifying journey as we gear up to support you in your upcoming election! Experience an empowering and impactful electoral experience like never before. Let’s make 2024 extraordinary together!

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