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At, many of the features of each successive version of the online election voting software come from suggestions, comments, requests and customizations from the customers. We have even been known to glean a feature here or there from people people who were just inquiring about the software.

This is a great benefit to the others who come after and are in the same boat regarding feature requirements. You, our customers play an important role in making the online election voting software better with each release.

Your comments and suggestions and questions keep us attentive and responsive to the needs of users for online election voting software.

You also benefit. A customization that you request that gets into a future standard release of the software is a customization you don’t have to pay for again.

We just wanted to acknowledge your contribution to making our software better and better with each successive release.

Thank you, happy voting, and keep those questions and comments coming!

Post submitted by Greg.

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