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During the pandemic, voting by proxy was approved by the House of Representatives to allow lawmakers to vote without being present. From the highest courts to smaller corporations to HOA’s, voting by proxy is a flexible and easy option to allow everyone’s voice to be heard. Homeowners Associations (HOAs) play a vital role in maintaining communal harmony and ensuring the smooth functioning of residential communities.

Over half of homeowners live in HOA communities. Central to this operation is the election process, which often relies on achieving a quorum for decision-making. Over 60% of homeowners don’t attend HOA meetings because they don’t have time. Traditionally, HOAs have employed paper ballots and physical presence for quorum attainment. While attending meetings can be a hassle for many, those who do attend are aware of important decisions. Regardless of whether laws or bylaws mandate the collection of proxies, the emergence of digital solutions like online proxies presents a modernized and simplified process for absentee voters to participate in elections.

Online proxy voting empowers homeowners to designate a representative to attend meetings and cast votes on their behalf, circumventing the need for physical proxy submissions. This not only saves time for both homeowners and meeting organizers but also provides invaluable insights into attendance and proxy-related issues before meetings commence. Such insights, including the identification of stranded proxies, enable proactive resolution of issues prior to meetings, thereby enhancing efficiency. Moreover, the real-time quorum tracking feature ensures prompt monitoring of ballot results, facilitating transparent decision-making. Subsequently, organizers can promptly disseminate election outcomes through the election platform to all members, regardless of their attendance, upon the meeting’s conclusion. Leveraging third-party software such as AssociationVoting.com guarantees the accuracy of election results, reinforcing confidence in the integrity of the electoral process.

By harnessing the capabilities of AssociationVoting.com, organizations can streamline their general meetings, foster inclusivity, and uphold the highest standards of organizational governance.

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