Sometimes it is necessary to offer online voting as well as a way for people to vote with paper ballots. It should be no surprise that doing this is easy with the online election voting software. There are actually three different levels of hybrid voting solutions that we support here at

In this post, we will provide an overview of the various offerings and then in a few subsequent posts, we will go more in depth.

The first level of hybrid elections supports is one where you need a standard ballot to send to some people. Our software supports generating a standard PDF with all ballot positions and propositions on it.

The other level of hybrid voting you might want is one with personalized paper ballots. Our online election voting software also supports creating personalized PDF ballots with a voter’s personalized information and personalized ballot.

We can also support a large election with counting service and tallying for you. For this one, we would want to talk to you and make you a custom solution.

You also get access to an administrative feature in the manager’s area to allow you to enter the paper ballots you receive int o the running tally for your election. Don’t worry, we have written the software so that if you enter a person’s ballot, they can’t come and vote online. Also, you can’t add more votes for someone if they vote online before you get a chance to enter their paper ballot.

That’s a very brief over view of the hybrid election services. More to come.

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