People vs. Systems—Can AssociationVoting Do it All?

In Joe Rominiecki’s blog “Acronym: People vs. systems” he highlights the idea that no matter how much technology or systems we put into place, people will always be the most important aspect. Agreed. In my opinion, the people involved are number one, technology can simply make our lives easier!

When it comes to elections, does voting in person change the way you feel and/or vote. Does the work required to get to the voting booth effect your thought process, or simply tire you out to the point that you don’t care who you vote for? Do you really appreciate the time and effort people put into creating the election process for your association? Do the candidates respect and appreciate all the time and effort people spend ensuring that their vote is cast? I think it’s something that most people take for granted, when in reality, a lot of time and effort went into setting up an election.

Why not cut out all the fat. Let’s make it simple. Sign up at and create a personalized ballot that is accessible from anywhere. So much time is saved, so much money is saved, and so much hassle is saved. We will all appreciate each other for the personalized touch available for the candidates and the ease of use available for those voting.

Check out today and get started for as little as $419!

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