What do your members expect from you? Online Voting Solutions: AssociationVoting

Let’s face it—today’s economy is tough and everyone is competing to have the latest and greatest technology at the cheapest price. What if you can offer your members an online voting solution for less than paper ballots? Would that enhance your image, performance and member satisfaction? You bet it would! Do your members sigh when forced to fill out long paper election forms, or forced to travel across country to attend a member election? We’ve provided a turn-key solution to satisfy even the most finicky of members.

How many endless hours does your association spend planning, preparing, executing, and tallying the results for your member elections? Associationvoting can help you cut your effort in half, and save you hundreds, even thousands in dollars in costs.

Are you scared to take the first step? Is Associationvoting.com for you? Why not try it before you buy it? Visit www.associationvoting.com and we’ll help you get started today!

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