Ready to start your 2023 Election?

We are excited for the opportunity to support your election! We have several new features to make your voter’s election experience even better and your election creation even easier! We have listed a few of our new features below.

1) Am I really ready to launch? 

2023 election preparation

Tested your election site but still not sure if you are ready to launch your election yet?  Our system can help make sure your election is ready for prime time!  From the Dashboard select the “Election Check” button to run the election check.  The system will provide a list of errors and warnings that may affect your election results.  Once you fix them, you are Green to GO!  

2) Nominate and Vote Bundle

2023 election preparation

Conversion from Nomination form to the election ballot is now even easier!  Simply select Convert to Election.  You can pick your candidates and all of their details will populate the ballot!  Keep your same voter list for nominations and election. 

3) Email Updates

2023 election preparation
  • Intelligent Scheduling: Not sure of the date and time your election will start?  Then select the option “Schedule the email to the Election Start date”.  The system will change the date to match your election start. 
  • Customize the email based on your target group and send a reminder to only group members who haven’t voted to increase voter turnout. 
  • Include multiple voter email addresses per voter to improve your chances of reaching each voter.  One address per column in the upload file.   

4) More Ways to Share

You can download the Election results report to share with others or you can simply generate a sharable link to include on your website. Schedule the results email to send at the end of your election to all of your voters. AV offers plenty of ways to share your successful election results!

2023 election preparation

6) Nine out of Ten

2023 election preparation

On the ballot, if voters may vote for 10 candidates out of a list of 20 candidates for the Board.  The software now displays a running count of the voter’s selections and stops the voter once the selection limit is met.  No more counting selections on your fingers to keep track! 

If you have any questions about the above features, please reach out to  We look forward to supporting your 2023 election!

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