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Saving time is critical these days. When you have an election to run, you could spend hours sending communications to your members. Depending on how you do it, you could spend lots of money on postage sending out physical letters. You could spend a lot of time trying to craft the announcement and trying to merge the members into the message, if you want to try to personalize it.

Still, you only have the one communication that could be lost or ignored. has a better way!

The announcement service with Turnout Booster is the way to go to maximize the likelihood that your members will see your election announcement and get the instructions they need so they can vote.

When you add the Announcement service with Turnout Booster to your election, contacting and reminding your users via email is taken care of for you.

The first step is to include voting members’ email addresses in the file you upload to populate your database. The next step is to schedule the election – which you do anyway. The announcement email will go out the day before the election starts by default.

But, that’s not all. About halfway through your election window, a reminder email will go out to your members who have not yet voted to remind them that they need to vote.

Just think how much time you save not keeping track of who has voted and who still needs to vote manually!

Finally, the Turnout Booster will get the vote out with another reminder email about two days before your election window closes.

We have seen significant increases in voter turnout with these additional email reminders.

One thing to keep in mind is that the effectiveness of reaching people via email depends on having good contact information. It isn’t always possible to have valid email for everyone, though. will provide you a list of the emails that bounce on the initial announcement email so you can contact those individuals through different means.

Look for some case studies with information about turnout increases in the future.

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