Take your General Assembly and Election Virtual!


Whether you are using a virtual conferencing tool (like Zoom) or a social outlet (like Facebook Live) to run your virtual general assembly, how do you plan to accurately & securely collect your election results?

Why not take your election online? Online elections can help you securely and accurately collect votes during the meeting, as well as collect votes remotely well before the meeting to increase voter turnout and meet your quorum. Real-time systemic results makes tallying ballots obsolete. Online elections allow you to authenticate your voters wherever they are. You can setup a ballot and voter credentials for your election in less than 1 hour typically.

What do you need to take your election online?

1) Research: Check your Bylaws and State Laws to ensure electronic voting is viable option for your organization.

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If it is still unclear, reach out to your legal counsel for advice. If you must hold a live election / meeting, you can collect proxies online prior to your meeting. Online proxy collection can increase turnout and expedite the proxy process at the meeting.

2) Internet access: Online software requires a browser-enabled device (mobile, tablet, PC, laptop) with access to the internet. Current versions of the popular browsers: Chrome, Safari, & Edge are typically supported.

3) Items for a ballot: Finalize your ballot language, position/candidate lists, & proposition changes as you would for your in-person election. Collect bios and pics as you typically do for your paper ballots.

4) Eligible voter list: Secure and review your list of eligible voters. Are your members current on all dues? Run a collections campaign prior to the election to ensure your whole membership base has an opportunity to vote in the election. Once you have culled your voter list, download it from your membership management system. The list should include unique member identifier as well as email (if available). Most election systems online allow you to upload your voter base and don’t require complicated integrations with your membership platform.

5) Communication plan: Create and follow your communications plan to announce your 2020 General Assembly online election process. Include more than one communications medium (website, newsletter, e-newletter, direct email campaign, postcards, social posts. etc).

6) Test your online ballot. Setup and test your online election prior to your General Assembly. Yes, this can be done in a single day (even a single hour). Many General Assembly elections require voting rounds for candidate selection and proposition approval. These balloting items can be setup prior to the election. However, new ballots items for last minute business proposed from the floor can be added on the fly during the meeting in minutes. AV supports voting rounds with our Live Voting Module. Each round’s participation and results can be viewed real-time and saved for your records. Please see our AGM Live Election demo video for more on how to setup a live election with AV software as well as your voter’s experience.

Note: If you require voting rounds, proxies, or paper ballots; please reach out to AV for more information on our election options.

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