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Safeguard your Election against attempted Fraudulent Voting!

AV follows and utilizes industry-standard security measures. However, your set-up decisions can expose vulnerability to election fraud, particularity when it come to voter login credentials. Voter fraud on our AV platform has been rare; however, each case was related to the creation of insecure login credentials. Following the below guidelines when creating your login credentials will help you deter fraudulent voters.

  1. Require 2 login credentials. A single voter credential is much easier to guess or manipulate.
  2. Don’t select easily guessable credentials for voter login. If your set up is something like Email and Last Name, unfortunately, there could be a published directory that has this information. You know your members; so ask yourself this question: is the credential something that is well-known to other members, or just known by the individual voter? Your 1st voter credential should uniquely identify the voter, and the second one only the voter knows (and you have in your database) to make it more secure.
  3. If your member records are limited to public profile information such as name, address, email, etc., consider requiring an AV system-generated password as a credential. The password is unique to each voter and limited to a single election.
  4. Want to maximize your fraud-prevention? Utilize AV’s voter verified email service. Members receive a unique, coded URL that requires them to access their email of record to cast their ballot. Using advanced secure encryption signatures, we provide a second layer to confirm your voters’ identification by validating through their email of record with your association.

Tools to Investigate and Squash Fraud Voting!

While the thought of voter fraud can be alarming, AV offers tools to help you quickly investigate any fraud claims and monitor for unexpected activity. So you can squash any potential threats ASAP and retain the integrity of your election. Here are the tools available to help you investigate fraud:


  • Voting Receipt: Utilize the AV Voting Receipt email feature. Your voters will raise the red-flag if a confirmation email is received prior to the voter casting a ballot.
  • Failed Login Tracking: You can see failed login attempts from the Voting Manager administrative portal. Useful for monitoring for potential fraudulent login activity. You can sort and search by IP address and attempted login values to see trends or find details for a specific user credential.
  • IP Reporting: Check out our IP reporting option to review IP address and Browser agent details regarding each ballot cast. Sort the report by IP address to look for trends.
  • IP Address Location: You can use an online tool, such as to look up the general location of the IP address. Be careful; you can only get so much public information from an IP address. You cannot always identify someone exactly, and they can be shared or moved by the cable or broadband company.
  • Support: At any time, you can request help from the AssociationVoting support staff.

For more details on fraud monitoring and election security, please reach out to us!

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