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A wise blogger once said “And most importantly—if you’re an organizer, don’t stop dreaming of the integrated toolsuites you need. Your necessity is the mother of our inventions!” -Tate Hausman. We did just that.

Over the past 10 years, being linked in to technology has become a necessity to survive in the business world. Many of us are working from home, remote locations, and even from our blackberries. With this shift in necessity, comes a shift in technology.

Paper Balloting is a thing of the past—it’s time consuming, extremely expensive, and prone to error. That’s why we created a solution to fit the needs of everyone from corporate executives to the busy stay at home working mother. is your one stop shop for all your voting and election needs. Just a few clicks and you can create a complete online election suited with member profiles and fast and accurate results.

Why do it the old fashioned way? Switch now and save a bundle—get started for as little as $419!

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