Two Ways to Save Election Results


We have a great new feature and two great ways for you to record the results of your online election for institutional history and legal compliance..

We understand that one of the chief issues with online voting is compliance. With paper ballots, there is a paper trail. If someone disputes a result, you can go to the box and produce the actual ballots cast. How does it work online?

There are two options:

First, you can always request our certified vote results for a small fee. Let us know when your voting has ended, and we will:

  • Create a certified voting results letter
  • Mail that to you by certified mail
  • Generate a signed PDF of the letter
  • The PDF will include a detailed breakdown of ballots
  • Preserve your voting configuration for 12 months from the date of certification

This solution was developed for those associations needing to have an outside, third party certify their results.

Second, there is our great new feature—the Election Summary PDF. This a new feature included with the standard package—an election summary PDF. Follow this link at the bottom of your results page:

Request an Elector Survey PDFNote that you need to have at least one vote cast to request the election summary PDF…

You will then get a form for customizing your results PDF:

Result Summary PDF

The PDF will be generated and emailed to you (or any number of your designated recipients). For added security, you can include a PDF password to lock the PDF for viewing.

So, if you have a voting committee, historian, archivist, or other people who need to get the voting results, will email them the results in a convenient PDF format.

The (optional) sections of the results PDF are:

  • Ballot Language and Layout: Reproduces the ballot language as it would appear to members, including biographies. Group restrictions are noted.
  • Vote Counts: A basic vote count for each position or proposition, similar to the results screen in the voting manager area.
  • Voting Members: A list of members who voted and when they voted.
  • Group Voting Analysis: If groups are defined, get a separate subtotal of votes cast by group members.
  • Member Ballots: Get a list of ballots—with or without member name and number—listing the date and time cast as well as all selections

Please let us know what you think about this feature available in version 2.1 of the standard voting software and what improvements or additions we can make to enhance your voting experience.

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