When should you use the AssociationVoting.com announcement service?

In short, you should always use it.

But, the real issue is why you should use it. AssociationVoting.com recommends that you use the service because we have found that the number of people who have trouble logging in is lower when the AssociationVoting.com announcement service is used. It also saves you time.

We make sure that the fields that the users need to log in are presented clearly and accurately to the voters. We have access to the database and can pull the values right out of it in an automated manner that reduces the chance for error. It also puts the URL to your voting software installation right in the email.

Another bonus for you is that you save time. You don’t have to make a process for sending the accurate information out to people.

You don’t have to worry about bounces, either. The email addresses that bounce will be reported to you so you can contact them later via other means.

The announcement service is always a good choice.

Post submitted by Greg.

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