Getting Started: Setting up Members

This is a continuation of the series on getting started and knowing what to do with the online election voting software. This will focus on adding users to the system.

The upload member option uses a file type called “CSV”. You might be wondering what CSV means. This stands for Comma Separated Values. Note – this might be at the bottom of the scroll down list of options of your popular database software. The online election voting software will provide fields and field order depending on how the software is configured for you. A standard list and order is:

  • member number
  • first name
  • last name
  • email
  • password

You want to be sure to remove removed the headers once you have a spreadsheet set up with these columns.

Start by using the “Add Missing Members” option in the “Upload Database” window. If you start with clicking the “Add Missing Group Members” which was the default on the page, it gave me an error message if you don’t have groups set up.

If you do not have groups set up, use the default “Add Missing Members”. You should be able to add members then.

Next up, creating groups.

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