Today, we look at one of the basics of the online election voting software.

With our software, a ballot is made up of positions and propositions.

A position is something such as “mayor”. A proposition is something such as “Should we paint the sidewalk white?”.

Our software supports up to as many positions as you need, standard. It also supports up to as many propositions that you need.

A position is specified with a maximum number of candidates for whom a voter can vote. Also standard is the ability to group voting members and control which positions or propositions are shown to members of those groups. When you define a position, you specify whether it is viewable to members of all groups or just to members of specific groups. The position is also defined with specifying whether there can be write-ins for it. A position specified allowing write-ins will show on the ballot with the same number of write-in fields as the maximum number of candidates that can be selected for the position.

And, of course, when the voting member attempts to cast the ballot, the software verifies that the sum of the candidates selected and the write-in candidates written is not greater than the maximum number of candidates.

There is a lot of customization you can do at the position level. Our software can support a lot of variety in ballots by combining the various options.

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