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Increase Voter Turnout with AssociationVoting

posted September 25, 2012 by Kim

In 2012 with AssociationVoting’s support MAAR tripled the association’s voter turnout as compared to the previous 3 years! 2012 was the first year MAAR utilized online election service from AssociationVoting. AV provided email announcement service with turnout booster for the MAAR Board of Directors election. After each email blast MAAR voter turnout incurred a double-digit uptick compared to the period prior to the email blast! The results speak for themselves — The MAAR voter turnout increased 3 fold to 31% with AssociationVoting!

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Association election - a great opportunity to update member records!

posted February 14, 2012 by Jonathan

The California /Nevada /Arizona Automotive Wholesalers’ Association partners with Association Voting to run their online elections. Why? Association Voting offers affordable online elections and numerous customizations or add-on services to it’s election platform that makes member base management tasks easy for the association management team. For a price less than most online elections alone, Association Voting offers a seamless election service and collects member record updates for the association. Currently AV requests CAWA voter’s confirm or update their email address of record to ensure CAWA can continue timely communications with its members. Learn more about other customization opportunities!

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Ring in the New Year with Unlimited Online Voting

posted January 02, 2012 by Jonathan

Unlimited Online Voting can be the answer to your associations voting needs in 2012! Complete your preliminary and final elections for one low price of $819. This includes a uniquely co-branded URL to send your members directly to your ballot location, editable ballot software that allows member bios and photos, as well as a downloadable results PDF—no more hand counting ballots!

We’re offering this Unlimited Online Voting package now through 3.1.12. Your unlimited voting year will start the day you sign up!

Check out a Free Demo of our Platform here. Check Our References!


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Do What’s Right For Your Association—Give Online Voting a Try!

posted June 25, 2010 by Jonathan

“We have always done it that way”—is a phrase that needs to be changed to: “That’s a much better way of doing that!”  Voting the old fashioned way, is just that: old fashioned.  Online voting can provide your member association with the ease, convenience, and extra money to move forward at lightening speed.

Since I got involved with online voting—one thing I’ve noticed is the skepticism that a lot of people have toward it.  In a blog post by Jamie—‘Trying to Please Everyone,’ she outlines how difficult it can be, but also offers some valuable suggestions.  “We have always done it this way,” should be a phrase of the past as time and time again we’ve proven as a society that innovation and new improved methods are the way to keep competitive in the ever changing market.

Associations who have used paper balloting since they began tend to have difficulty shifting to online voting—mostly because of fear of push back from their members.  I’ve been asked, ” Should I make them shift to online voting?”  Part of me wants to say yes because I sympathize with the notion that online voting is much cheaper and far less time consuming than the traditional paper balloting.  But I can also understand how the more traditional members feel the comfort and safety of the old-school way that has “worked” in the past.

My advice to associations who are ready to take the plunge is to talk to your members.  What is the feedback you’re receiving?  Can you ease into the process by doing a split paper/electronic election the first round?  There are a lot of options you can consider, and will be here every step of the way.  We’ll walk you through the process, and can even offer to set up your entire election for you.  Imagine holding an election that you barely had to do any work for—you might have time to take that vacation you were dreaming about!

The bottom-line is that you’re never going to be able to please everyone.   But in reality, sometimes people are just scared of change.  You have to do what’s right for your association—making the voting process, simpler, easier, and much cheaper!

Check out and get started for as little as $419!

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People vs. Systems—Can AssociationVoting Do it All?

posted May 05, 2010 by Jonathan

In Joe Rominiecki’s blog “Acronym: People vs. systems” he highlights the idea that no matter how much technology or systems we put into place, people will always be the most important aspect. Agreed. In my opinion, the people involved are number one, technology can simply make our lives easier!

When it comes to elections, does voting in person change the way you feel and/or vote. Does the work required to get to the voting booth effect your thought process, or simply tire you out to the point that you don’t care who you vote for? Do you really appreciate the time and effort people put into creating the election process for your association? Do the candidates respect and appreciate all the time and effort people spend ensuring that their vote is cast? I think it’s something that most people take for granted, when in reality, a lot of time and effort went into setting up an election.

Why not cut out all the fat. Let’s make it simple. Sign up at and create a personalized ballot that is accessible from anywhere. So much time is saved, so much money is saved, and so much hassle is saved. We will all appreciate each other for the personalized touch available for the candidates and the ease of use available for those voting.

Check out today and get started for as little as $419!

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What do your members expect from you? Online Voting Solutions: Association Voting

posted April 29, 2010 by Jonathan

Let’s face it—today’s economy is tough and everyone is competing to have the latest and greatest technology at the cheapest price.  What if you can offer your members an online voting solution for less than paper ballots?  Would that enhance your image, performance and member satisfaction? You bet it would!   Do your members sigh when forced to fill out long paper election forms, or forced to travel across country to attend a member election?  We’ve provided a turn-key solution to satisfy even the most finicky of members.

How many endless hours does your association spend planning, preparing, executing, and tallying the results for your member elections?   Associationvoting can help you cut your effort in half, and save you hundreds, even thousands in dollars in costs.

Are you scared to take the first step? Is for you? Why not try it before you buy it? Visit and we’ll help you get started today!

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Association Voting to Reduce Liability

posted April 24, 2010 by Jonathan

I think we all can agree that paper balloting is not exactly the most secure or guaranteed method of voting.  Based on previous presidential elections, major mistakes can be made and the entire election process can be jeopardized.  At we can handle an election of almost any magnitude , and we’ll also guarantee the results.  No paper pushing, no long man hours—just simple, digital results delivered immediately.

Online methods of handling and creating business solutions has proven to be very successful over the past 10-15 years.   Why not take one of the long and tedious tasks of setting up an association election, and turn it into a simple and easy part of your general business practice?

Visit and see how we can make your life easier!  Get started today for as little as $419!

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It’s the Little Extra That Counts—AssociationVoting

posted April 16, 2010 by Jonathan

You have a choice how you run your business.  You have a choice how you generate profits.  You have a choice where you do business.  At we recognize that you have a choice  with all your online voting needs.  We’re here to make that choice easy.

Our competitors simply cannot match our price, quality, and service.  We provide the lowest price, highest quality, and unmatched level of service.  We even want you to try our product-FREE.

At we know that in today’s economy, that little extra can make a world of difference.  Get started today!

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