How to Double Check a Completed Ballot

Congratulations, you are now ready to check your ballot, information and directions to make sure you are ready to start your election. At this time, please check the following items to make sure you election will go smoothly. If you find a problem with any of the following items, be sure to resolve them before you open your election.

Check Membership List

  • Do you have all members of your organization who are qualified to vote in your election on your list that is entered into the system?
  • Do all of the members have a unique ID number?
  • Do you have email addresses for all members or a way to let members know when the election begins and where it is located? If you have email addresses for all members, then AssociationVoting will send out notifications to your members. You can select that service.
  • Do the members belong to specific groups? Are they correctly designated in the system?
  • Do members in groups vote for different positions or propositions and/or are their votes weighted differently? Is this correctly designated in the ballot? Are the weights correctly entered into the system?

Check Ballots and Propositions

  • Do you have all candidates for each position correctly entered on your ballot?
  • Did you indicate the number of candidates can be voted for in each position?
  • Do you have candidate information/biographies and photographs for all candidates? Are they correctly designated?
  • Did you double check the photographs to make sure they are the right size for your ballot?
  • Did the options for your propositions/proposals make sense? Can you see all the information?
  • Did you look at the ballot preview? Does it make sense and does it match the election your organization wants to conduct?
  • Do you need to run a trial ballot to make sure that the ballot makes sense? If yes, run a test ballot and then be sure to delete any “trial votes” before you open the election.

Check Timing of the Election

  • Do you have the correct starting and ending times for your election?
  • Does the timing allow for your members to get the information about the election and to complete their ballots in a timely manner? Do you need to make any adjustments?

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