We have briefly mentioned member groups in earlier posts, but wanted to talk about some of the great stuff you can do with them.

Let’s set up a scenario for a hypothetical organization. Let’s say the organization has a president and a vice president. Let’s also say the organization has three regions: A,B and C. Each of the three regions has a regional director. Each member in the organization is in a region and the usual rules of voting has been that every member could vote for president and vice president, but only their region’s director.

Is that a problem with our online election voting software? Absolutely not!

Out of the box, our software will let you run an election with those rules.

In our software, we have a concept that we call “groups”. This can be used if your organization is split up in any number of ways. You might have regions, groups, or even different classes of members in your organization. That can all be accomodated.

In fact, a voting member can belong to any number of groups in our software. You can make it as complicated as you like!

To define a group, you simply have to give it a name. That’s it.

It then starts to appear in the places where you upload members or add a new member. It will then start to appear in the group list when you edit an existing or add a new proposition or position.

So, back to the scenario. You would simply define Region A, Region B, and Region C as groups. Then when you add the position of “Region A Director”, you would check the radio button to restrict it to certain groups and check the check box for Region A. Region B and C director positions would be similar.

Since everyone can vote for President and Vice President, you would not bother to specify the groups that can vote for those positions.

Then, when a member who is in Region A logs in to vote, they would see a ballot with three positions: president, vice president and Region A director.

More later about even more fun with groups!

Post submitted by Greg.

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