When you use the Online Election Voting Software from AssociationVoting.com for your online elction and web voting needs, you don’t share a one-size fits all web-app with all of our other clients. No, you get the use of a private instance of the software that is not used by anyone else.

One of the benefits to this is that you can ask for and most likely get any kind of customization you can think of for your online voting experience.

You can customize a good amount of the text that appears in the software right out of the box. For the text that you cannot change yourself, that can be changed for you. Just ask!

We use a templating system for the pages that allows total control over the appearance. We can and have even modified the biography section of the ballot to do something totally different.

We can add different pages or more pages as your requirements call for them. That is how flexible the platform is.

Already in the software, you can control the appearance, but if you need more customization on that, you can get that if you ask.

Well, there’s probably a lot more for next time we talk about customizations, but until then Happy voting!

Post submitted by Greg.

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