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Following up to We Have Always Done It That Way…which still looks timely…

A grandfathered approach to business is a large hindrance to moving forward and improving on your business model. Baby steps are needed in these instances, and we agree that focusing on three major changes at a time can ultimately lead to a completely revamped and superior way of running your organization.

One way you can move in the right direction is by switching from paper balloting, to online voting. Online voting reduces costs, is far more organized, and limits the need for travel and manpower costs of organizing and creating an in-person vote.

At AssociationVoting.com we will help you get started, customize your ballot, and provide assistance with any questions you have while completing the online vote. We will then provide you with the detailed results of your vote—and can even be segmented by region!

See our online election solution and get started for as low at $419!

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