The online voting election software. Has a lot of features. There are a lot of additional services you can choose as well. For a few blog posts we will look at just when these are useful. We will also tell you when should probably not get an additional service because we want you to come back for all your elections, not leave because you think you bought things you didn’t need.

In this post, we will look at the Turnout Booster. The Turnout Booster is an enhanced email announcement service. In addition to the initial announcement email, your members will receive a reminder email halfway through your election and then another one two days before the election ends.

Thus, you have to have an election window that is sufficiently long for this service to make sense for you.

We recommend that you have a window of at least 10-12 days for this to be a benefit to your organization and members.

Let’s examine a 10-day window scenario. In this case, there will be an email that goes out the day before the election opens. Half way through there would be another message send, and then at the end of day 8, another email would be sent.

The first two emails and the second two emails will each arrive within one week of each other for most members with good email addresses. This is about as closely spaced as you want to get, as anything closer and the members won’t have time to forget!

Hopefully, this helps make your decision to buy this service clearer.

Post submitted by Greg.

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