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Updated Help Section

posted September 01, 2017 by kim

We have updated the help section with a number of new pages answering frequently asked questions. You can still search by keyword by typing into the ‘Search all columns’ field or you can select a tag in the bar to the right. The more popular choices are larger in size. If you have any suggestions for new articles or cannot find your answer, please email:

Help Screen
Help Screen

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Association election - a great opportunity to update member records!

posted February 14, 2012 by Jonathan

The California /Nevada /Arizona Automotive Wholesalers’ Association partners with Association Voting to run their online elections. Why? Association Voting offers affordable online elections and numerous customizations or add-on services to it’s election platform that makes member base management tasks easy for the association management team. For a price less than most online elections alone, Association Voting offers a seamless election service and collects member record updates for the association. Currently AV requests CAWA voter’s confirm or update their email address of record to ensure CAWA can continue timely communications with its members. Learn more about other customization opportunities!

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Getting Started: What about a Hybrid Election?

posted January 04, 2012 by Jonathan

Your organization may be like others that have members who need assistance in making the transition from using a paper ballot to using online voting.  Association Voting has developed a hybrid election service to ease the transition to simple, online elections, while providing accurate results that include the data from paper ballot voters.

The Hybrid Election feature allows the manager of your election process to use the Member Personalized Printable Ballot Generator to create an individual PDF of the ballot which can be emailed or to print out a personalized ballot which can be sent by U.S. Mail (or other delivery service) to any member who needs a paper ballot.  As a part of the voting process, the individual who needed that paper ballot is blocked from also casting an online vote; this voter cannot accidentally vote twice.

Your organization can collect the paper ballots that have been cast and then mail the completed paper ballots to AV.  Association Voting will include your paper ballot counts in the election results summary report!  Check for other potential options at the time you order your election from Association Voting.

This is yet another new feature that Association Voting brings to your organization’s election and hopefully assists in making sure that all members can vote.  Please request your own Free Trial or order this service by clicking Buy Now:

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Getting Started: Increase member awareness and simplify your election

posted November 12, 2011 by Jonathan

Your organization’s election is important.  Making sure that all members are aware of the election and that they all have a time to vote that is convenient to them are both critical to a successful election.  If voting members must attend a meeting in order to vote, or if they have to get a ballot in the mail, complete and then mail it before a deadline in order to vote – you may find that fewer votes are cast than you had hoped.

Association Voting has two elements for increasing voter turnout:

  1. Drive member awareness of the election and
  3. Simplify the voting process.

The following are suggestions your election committee can do and special features for these two processes that are provided by Association Voting.


  • Communicate the polling dates      to your membership base in advance with Association Voting’s email announcement service.
  • Post the upcoming voting      window on your website’s home page and on your social network.  Tweet      about your upcoming election!
  • Announce the upcoming      election at meetings and in your monthly newletter.
  • Craft a “Welcome to      Online Voting” email with pertinent information regarding the voting      experience like expected time to complete a ballot online and basic      process highlights.
  • Send a “Vote Now”      reminder prior to the close of the polls to those members yet to cast a      ballot via Association Voting’s email announcement service.


  • Link to your Association      Voting online      election from your website’s homepage to drive fast access to the election      service.
  • Create a appropriate voting      window—long enough to allow everyone the opportunity to vote BUT not so      long that it de-motivates voters from voting NOW!  Some sense of      urgency can drive faster response.
  • Utilize Association      Voting’s online      voting service to offer an easy 24x7 voting experience.  Cut the      delivery time of cast ballots to instantaneous for you and your members!
  • Voters want a secure,      accurate and private voting experience.  Third party solutions such      as Association Voting’s online voting service provide the integrity and      simplicity your members seek in an election experience.
  • Ensure the data voters need      to make an informed decision is available in real-time! Association      Voting offers      the option to post candidate bios with candidate photos to offer information      when it is needed during the voting process.
  • Provide a special voting      welcome note with organization specific instructions from your association      in Association Voting’s online voting service.

If your organization’s members are aware of the election, they receive timely reminders and the election is convenient for them to complete, your election should have an increased voter turnout and a membership that has ownership of the process.

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Getting Started: Back to the Beginning

posted October 27, 2011 by Jonathan

By now, we hope that you have read enough information to really want to use Association Voting for your organization’s on-line voting needs. There are two ways for you to start: You can request a free trial, or you can purchase online voting for your association. When you choose either of these two options, you can experience the actual voting environment.

By requesting the demo – free trial you can experience the actual voting environment of a simulated election. AV has already entered a ballot with candidates and a set of members that you can manipulate by adding members, moving them to different voting groups, weighting their voting values, and other options. You can play with the tabs and options in a safe environment where you will not have to worry about breaking something or affecting your organization’s official election results. It is like a real-time test drive. You will receive a PDF of the Association Voting “Voting Overview” that you can use as a guide as you tab through the options.

By purchasing the online voting live election you can jump right in to create your actual ballot, the slate of positions and candidates, propositions, etc. You can run the actual election from your own on-line voting election software. You can use the information from the Blogs, view the online videos that demonstrate various aspects of the voting experience and also use the PDF of the Association Voting “Voting Overview” as guides as you tab through the options and create your organization’s election.

Please get started today. The easiest first step it to request the free trial.

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Election Summary PDF

posted September 09, 2011 by Jonathan

We here at call our online election voting software a turn-key solution for a reason. Well, actually several reasons.

The overarching reason is that when we give you the URL for the location of the software installation configured and customized for your unique requirements, you have the ability to do the entire process yourself. You can always purchase add-on services, but you can do it all without being held hostage to us doing it for you.

You can add the members, set up the ballot and even see results in real time.

Another great feature that is often overlooked is the ability to generate your own summary PDF. The Summary PDF itself is highly configurable.

You can select from the following options when requesting the PDF:

  • Ballot Language and Layout
  • Vote Counts
  • Voting Members
  • Group voting Analysis (If Groups Defined.)
  • Member Ballots
  1. Make Ballots Anonymous
  3. Show member names/numbers

You can specify the email to use when sending out the PDF. You can request this as often as you would like. If you want a record of the daily activity, request one every night.

It is up to you and that’s one of the great things about the online election voting software.

Post submitted by Greg

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Voting Software Version 6 Released

posted July 22, 2011 by Jonathan is pleased to announce the release of Version 6 of the Online Election Voting Software. This version of the software continues the tradition of bringing feature-rich online elections to the masses at a reasonable price.

This release continues the custom of introducing new features and modifications to old features based on customer feedback with an eye towards simplicity, ease-of-use and robustness.

Greate New Features in Version 6:

  • Upload members in Excel (xls or xlsx) formate as well as CSV.
  • New easy-to-use inline-image selector in ballot creation.
  • Numerous updates to user interface for streamlining various processes.
  • Streamlined user experience for voting managers and voters.

If you would like to test drive the software, please proceed to our demo page and request a demo.

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Getting Started: Account settings

posted July 13, 2011 by Jonathan

This is a continuation of the series on getting started and knowing what to do with the online election voting software. This will focus on learning more about the items and information needed for your Account Settings.

Account Settings is the very first navigation section.  Here you will need to provide important information about the organization contact - the person who manages your voting site.  Your group’s contact will need an email account that will be used throughout this election.  You will receive a password for this account; if you want to change that for any reason – don’t forget to write down your new password.  All passwords used on this site are case sensitive.

Does your organization have “Member Groups” in its voting membership, and do these groups have different ways that they are allowed to vote or in the weight of their votes?  An example would be an organization that has “student members” whose votes count half the value of votes of full members, and perhaps student members do not vote for ballot propositions.  You will be asked whether you want to enable member groups.  If there are different groups and if they have different privileges, then you do want to check the box that says:

Yes, enable member groups

If you do NOT have member groups who vote differently, then do not check this box.

Other items needed to successfully complete this portion of your voting set-up are:

  • Formal      Association      Name that identifies your specific organization
  • Association      URL – this must be written accurately and should include the      correct naming form
  • Header      Color which can be written as a color name such as blue or using      the correct HTML/CSS color code
  • Header      logo should be the logo that represents your organization and it      should be in a GIF, JPEG or PNG file format.  Don’t forget to “size” your logo before      you upload it.

Once you have entered all this information, please click on the button that says “Update Account Settings”. Double check to make sure you like the way this looks.  Your members will see this color and the selected graphic on all of the pages in your election.  You can always make changes and then update the site again.

Suggestion - link to this blog entry as a reference on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking pages

You are ready for the next navigation step:  Configure Site Text

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