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Make 2018 the Year of Explosive Voter Turnout

posted December 05, 2017 by Jonathan

Happy New Year!

Many organizations grapple with voter apathy. It can be problematic when a quorum is required, and in some instances, it can be downright detrimental to the operation of the association. However, this year can be a year of unprecedented voter turnout! We have assembled a list of suggestions to turn your election from dud to dynamite:

  • Online Election: We have seen an increase in turnout for most associations when switching to online elections, but it depends a great deal on where you start as well as what’s on the ballot. Some of our customers have seen a doubling or tripling, and this has allowed some to achieve over 50% participation in proxies for a quorum of 50% of the unit owners (HOA EXAMPLE), but others which started low (e.g., less than 5%) saw more engagement but it was not a panacea (e.g., they grew to 10-15%).
  • Communication Strategy: Associations that have had the best results have used a multi-channel approach to getting the word out, including election information in all the communications (Call to action: vote on line). Include pertinent online election information in all existing communications: posting in the newsletter, common areas/forum, website; pushing notifications via association’s app; emailing before the election, at the start of the election, and during the election.
  • Incentives: We have a group that had a change in management, but continued with the following program their first Voting Manager set up to move turnout from apathy to a quorum: They reward voting participation by providing a 10% discount on their association fee in the month after the close of the election.
  • Multi-Year Proxies: One of the newest things we’ve heard of is multi-year proxies. We haven’t seen this in practice much as of yet, but the idea is, get the proxy, keep it on file for five years, and the board is authorized to vote a quorum/present for that person, so that you’re able to get to the quorum without them taking a position on any particular issue. For this one, you’d have to ask your association counsel, because this is a new thing that is not allowed everywhere, and we have the impression it’s a minority of places where it’s allowed.
  • Single Sign On (SSO): Make it easy for your members to vote directly from your AMS or mobile app with SSO. AV integrates with the R@H app platform and iMIS to eliminate extra steps for your voters!

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Online Voting - Hello, Florida!

posted June 29, 2015 by Jonathan

On-line voting for Home Owner Associations has just been approved in Florida. Let Association Voting (AV) provide your group with an Internet-based online voting system that will meet the criteria of that law while providing your members with an outstanding online voting experience. We can generate unique and secure credentials if you don’t have them (using our Voter Verified announcements), and, even if you don’t have everybody’s email, our Postcard Announcement service can send personalized postcard notifications to any member who does not have email. Groups who have participated in on-line voting with AV find that they have more votes and greater participation in their elections and policy voting activities, than previously with meetings requiring a quorum to proceed.

Contact us today for all of your election needs in the Sunshine State - we are excited for the opportunity to help your association vote online!

Full details:

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Introducing Proxy Voting

posted March 17, 2015 by Jonathan

Proxies have increasingly become an important element in homeowners associations, and yet they remain a point of confusion for many board members. Proxies can be utilized to benefit the community aspect of a homeowners association, acting as a stand-in for absent residents. Such a tool as a proxy can be indispensable to a well-functioning HOA…” Source:

Proxy voting expands the opportunities for home owners and condominium owners to participate in association governance and policy-making. More importantly, proxy ballots may be necessary to ensure a quorum is met. Typically a proxy is used when a member cannot attend a meeting. The proxy holder must appear at the meeting to cast a ballot on behalf of the proxy giver.

There are two types of proxies:

  • A general proxy allows the proxy holder to vote without restriction, allowing him to exercise his discretion.
  • A limited or directed proxy restricts the voting power of the proxy holder. The restriction may relate to voting at a specific event or on a specific issue or may direct how the proxy holder must vote, support both types of proxies. Want to move your proxies for your board election or annual meeting bylaw propositions online? Learn more

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Increase Voter Turnout with AssociationVoting

posted September 25, 2012 by Kim

In 2012 with AssociationVoting’s support MAAR tripled the association’s voter turnout as compared to the previous 3 years! 2012 was the first year MAAR utilized online election service from AssociationVoting. AV provided email announcement service with turnout booster for the MAAR Board of Directors election. After each email blast MAAR voter turnout incurred a double-digit uptick compared to the period prior to the email blast! The results speak for themselves — The MAAR voter turnout increased 3 fold to 31% with AssociationVoting!

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Association election - a great opportunity to update member records!

posted February 14, 2012 by Jonathan

The California /Nevada /Arizona Automotive Wholesalers’ Association partners with Association Voting to run their online elections. Why? Association Voting offers affordable online elections and numerous customizations or add-on services to it’s election platform that makes member base management tasks easy for the association management team. For a price less than most online elections alone, Association Voting offers a seamless election service and collects member record updates for the association. Currently AV requests CAWA voter’s confirm or update their email address of record to ensure CAWA can continue timely communications with its members. Learn more about other customization opportunities!

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Save Serious Cash—Association Voting

posted April 09, 2010 by Jonathan

At, we understand that money is tight, and new or non-profit associations need it the most.  We shuffle through papers, and dig and search for ways to cut corners, innovative ideas to save money, and spend long hours in meetings trying to figure out how to make things easier.  What if I told you that can not only save you money, but make your life a whole lot easier??

At we understand the needs of associations.  We understand that money and time is tight—so we’ve created a simple and easy solution for all your voting and election needs.  A basic paper election can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, and hundreds of man hours.

Go to and we’ll not only help you every step of the way, we’ll save you some serious cash.  Get started for only $419!

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AssociationVoting to Help the Way We Do Business

posted March 30, 2010 by Jonathan

Telecommunications is changing the way businesses are run—creating a more productive work environment, saving millions of dollars in costs, and is a far more environmentally friendly way of performing business.   Even with all the tremendous benefits of switching to a telecommunications based office, there are certain steps you must take to ensure success.

Online voting is a simple and easy way you can make the transition to a more effective way of operating your organization. At, we’ve taken every measure to ensure a smooth transition from paper balloting to a complete online voting system.   With just a few clicks you can complete your online ballot, and start saving money today!  Associationvoting is complete with all the features and support you need along the way, making your transition to a telecommunications based business a no-brainer!

Get started at today for as little at $419

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