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Catch those forgetful voters!

posted November 30, 2015 by Jonathan

Isn’t it infuriating? Voters click through, look around, but forget to cast their ballots.

Our new “Uncast Ballot Catcher” automated announcement is available as an add-on for your election to prompt these voters to click one link from their email to cast their ballot, or return and review their selections on the voting site. 48 hours before the end of your election, an automated reminder goes out to anyone who has an uncast ballot.

This is available now for only $75 per election.

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Postcard Announcements

posted November 24, 2015 by Jonathan

Do you have members who don’t have valid emails?

Do you have a bylaws requirement of sending a physical letter announcing your election? now offers print-on-demand postcard announcements! We can send a personalized postcard to your members for $1.50 per US domestic or $2.50 international mailing address. Target all members or just those who don’t have a mailing list.

Minimum $100 postcard order. Ask about it today!

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Association election - a great opportunity to update member records!

posted February 14, 2012 by Jonathan

The California /Nevada /Arizona Automotive Wholesalers’ Association partners with Association Voting to run their online elections. Why? Association Voting offers affordable online elections and numerous customizations or add-on services to it’s election platform that makes member base management tasks easy for the association management team. For a price less than most online elections alone, Association Voting offers a seamless election service and collects member record updates for the association. Currently AV requests CAWA voter’s confirm or update their email address of record to ensure CAWA can continue timely communications with its members. Learn more about other customization opportunities!

Post submitted by KIm

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More About Customizations

posted July 29, 2011 by Jonathan

When you use the Online Election Voting Software from for your online elction and web voting needs, you don’t share a one-size fits all web-app with all of our other clients. No, you get the use of a private instance of the software that is not used by anyone else.

One of the benefits to this is that you can ask for and most likely get any kind of customization you can think of for your online voting experience.

You can customize a good amount of the text that appears in the software right out of the box. For the text that you cannot change yourself, that can be changed for you. Just ask!

We use a templating system for the pages that allows total control over the appearance. We can and have even modified the biography section of the ballot to do something totally different.

We can add different pages or more pages as your requirements call for them. That is how flexible the platform is.

Already in the software, you can control the appearance, but if you need more customization on that, you can get that if you ask.

Well, there’s probably a lot more for next time we talk about customizations, but until then Happy voting!

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When to use a Proxy

posted July 15, 2011 by Jonathan

Most often, users of the online election voting software use it in a fairly standard way. However, there are times when requirements call for something different.

Some state laws prevent online elections for certain associations or organizations. Sometimes the nature of the vote calls for something other than one-person-one-vote.

For these situations, provides the proxy election add-on service option. What this does is provides you with a way for your proxies to enter the selections as they would on paper or in person, but using our convenient and feature-rich software.

It also allows you to use the same add-on services and features as the standard online voting election software.

And of course, if you have even more unique and interesting requirements, we can combine those with the proxy service to provide you with the proxy service you need.

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Customizations We Have Done

posted July 06, 2011 by Jonathan

When you have special requirements for your vote, you might wonder it the Online Election Voting Software can do that. The short answer in most circumstances is yes.

If it does not support it out of the box, you can have it customized to fit your needs. This has been done a number of times to fit a bunch of different requirements.

Here’s a short list of the things that can be done to customize your online voting experience to your unique requirements:

  • Alternate vote counting rules
  • Alternate vote casting methods
  • Pre-ballot demographics/member update info form
  • Post-voting message/confirmation
  • Announcement service schedule of announcements/follow up messages
  • Announcement service message content
  • Inclusion of other links/media outside the biography
  • Single sign on integration

And don’t forget the proxy voting option. When you have the need for a proxy vote, has what you need for that.

The software you use is a specific installation of our voting software, and you don’t share that code or the database with other customers.

Therefore, when you use for your election needs, you can have your election and one size does not have to fit all.

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When to use the Announcement Service

posted June 29, 2011 by Jonathan

When should you use the announcement service?

In short, you should always use it.

But, the real issue is why you should use it. recommends that you use the service because we have found that the number of people who have trouble logging in is lower when the announcement service is used. It also saves you time.

We make sure that the fields that the users need to log in are presented clearly and accurately to the voters. We have access to the database and can pull the values right out of it in an automated manner that reduces the chance for error. It also puts the URL to your voting software installation right in the email.

Another bonus for you is that you save time. You don’t have to make a process for sending the accurate information out to people.

You don’t have to worry about bounces, either. The email addresses that bounce will be reported to you so you can contact them later via other means.

The announcement service is always a good choice.

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When Do I need the Turnout Booster

posted June 20, 2011 by Jonathan

The online voting election software. Has a lot of features. There are a lot of additional services you can choose as well. For a few blog posts we will look at just when these are useful. We will also tell you when should probably not get an additional service because we want you to come back for all your elections, not leave because you think you bought things you didn’t need.

In this post, we will look at the Turnout Booster. The Turnout Booster is an enhanced email announcement service. In addition to the initial announcement email, your members will receive a reminder email halfway through your election and then another one two days before the election ends.

Thus, you have to have an election window that is sufficiently long for this service to make sense for you.

We recommend that you have a window of at least 10-12 days for this to be a benefit to your organization and members.

Let’s examine a 10-day window scenario. In this case, there will be an email that goes out the day before the election opens. Half way through there would be another message send, and then at the end of day 8, another email would be sent.

The first two emails and the second two emails will each arrive within one week of each other for most members with good email addresses. This is about as closely spaced as you want to get, as anything closer and the members won’t have time to forget!

Hopefully, this helps make your decision to buy this service clearer.

Post submitted by Greg.

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